Prouts Neck Association

Established 1910


Formed in 1910, the Prouts Neck Association (“PNA”) has played an integral role in the
stewardship of Prouts Neck and its environs for over 100 years.

Included in the original mission statement of the PNA are provisions to “Obtain proper
care and maintenance of roads”, to “Preserve the trees and shrubbery from injury
and destruction,” to “Provide an authoritative means of communicating with the
officers of the town of Scarborough", and "Generally to take all feasible measures
for the access to and the improvement of Prouts Neck.”
After over 100 years, today the PNA continues to provide most of its original
mission statement to the Prouts Neck area:
Postal delivery - Provides receptacles and an area for residents to pickup their mail and packages.

Library - The Charles E. Thomas Memorial Library

Environment - Prouts Neck Sanctuary, the Cliff Walk.

Outreach - Provides monetary Grants to various Scarborough and Portland Area organization in support of the larger community.
The PNA also acts as a coordinator of communications within the Prouts Neck community
and with the Town of Scarborough and its officials.
President  -­ Albert H. Barclay, Jr.
Vice  President  -­  H. Whitney Wagner
Treasurer  -­  Susan Hunnewell
Secretary  - H. Whitney Wagner

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